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The Company

Akafloor was born in 2010, in the city of São João del-Rei, (Minas Gerais - Brazil). We are a family business specialized in the production of prefinished hardwood flooring. For over a decade, we have been a reference in modernity, sustainability and social commitment. We are present throughout Brazil and the United States, where we meet the demand of the large North American and European markets.


Akafloor's job is to see beauty in the most organic, ergonomic and emotional textures, to deliver them with quality, durability and happiness. With modern ideals, it seeks to guarantee the quality of its products to achieve full customer satisfaction. All this through investment in new technologies and the development of solutions to constantly update your portfolio.

Our Philosophy

Offering what is most modern and up-to-date on the market, respecting as much as possible the maintenance of the environment, investing in technology and sustainability. All this with an agile and efficient service.


Nowadays, the connection between environment and production is a matter of great concern worldwide. With this important fact in mind, our company has taken a stand for sustainable raw material, coming from forest management. Our entire line of hardwood products can be defined in one word: sustainability. This ensures the use of natural resources in the correct, balanced and renewable way, enabling the maintenance of the environment and ensuring the preservation of the ecosystem for the future generations.

Know how

With more than a decade, Akafloor has become a reference among specifiers and the final public, in line with the new demands of the house and with the demanding level of the greatest architects in Brazil and in the world.

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