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Currently, the environment-production equation is a major concern worldwide. It was precisely in the thinking of this problem that our company opted for the sustainable raw material, derived from forest management.

The Prefinished Flooring line of tropical timber (Brazilian Teak, Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, Brazilian Walnut, Brazilian Chestnut, among others) can be defined by a word: SUSTAINABILITY – which means the use of natural resources in a correct and balanced way, enabling the maintenance of the environment and ensuring the ecosystem for future generations.

Tropical timber is sustainably obtained by virtue of the modern technique of native forest management called FOREST MANAGEMENT. It translates into the technique of environmentally correct cutting that balances and balances the need for maintenance and expansion of native vegetation with the guarantee of the continuous development of civil construction. It is through forest management that the forest can regenerate without losing its biodiversity, since the withdrawal of trees is coordinated by forest engineers who classify all the individuals that exist in the place and indicate which can be slaughtered. Only individuals who have completed their life cycle and left offspring are removed, making room for new individuals to grow and continue reproducing the species.

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