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Production Process

Check out the steps that make up our production process and give the finished Akafloor hardwood flooring the quality recognized in the market

processo pre usinagem akafloor


In this process, the logs are sliced and turned into boards, to then go to the stove.

Drying of Wood

Our woods are dried in computerized greenhouses, obeying the peculiarities of each species and specific degree of humidity for each country:

Brazil | 10% - 12% of humidity
United States | 6% - 8% of humidity.


Machining of the Wood

After drying in the greenhouse, the wood is transformed from planks into 100% planar boards with standard dimensions (S4S - size four side). That is, the four sides of the wood planed.
Subsequently, the boards are properly molded acquiring the TG4 (tongue and groove) format - male and female groove on the 4 sides and grooves at its base.
The quality of Akafloor Prefinished Flooring comes initially from millimetric precision in the machining of wood.

processo acabamento akafloor

Finishing Process

It is at this stage that the already machined floor receives its finish.
The varnishing is industrial and consists of the application of 8 layers of imported PU products (Polyurethane) that allow a very high degree of resistance. The Akafloor finished floor is internationally tested and is proven to be 8x stronger than conventional sinteco, giving an average of 1,200 cycles in the quality abrasion test. Its brightness is permanent and natural and no further repairs are necessary.

Packing of Floors

The Akafloor floors are wrapped in cardboard boxes with standardized dimensions. On the pallets, the boxes are stacked to a standard size and wrapped in a canvas and stretchable plastic. In this way, the quality and drying of the product is protected.

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