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Limited Residential Warranty

Who is covered?

All warranties in this “Limited Warranty Guide” are given only to the original purchaser of the product. Our guarantees are non-transferable.


What is covered and for how long?

The limited warranties described in this guide are subject to product application. Limitations, disclaimers and exceptions described below are effective only for floors purchased after January 1, 2017. All warranties are effective upon purchase of the floor at the resale store.

What are you responsible for to be covered by our warranty?

To be covered under our limited warranty (except for pre-installation defects) you need to have your tax coupon in hand and be sure about the perfect installation of the product, according to our installation instructions, which is in the part bottom of our boxes or on our website.

Warranty Exceptions

Our warranty statement does not cover the following:


• Natural changes in the coloring of wood resulting from exposure to light;


• Failures due to improper environmental conditions;


• Scratches or any details caused by negligence, water or sand in excess or abusive;


• Failure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions, failure to use proper installation materials, excessive moisture, discoloration, or termites from the floor;


• Improper or improper installation;


• Improper use and maintenance.

Manufacturing Defects

Occasionally, some floor defects from fabrication may occur. The market standard allows up to 5% of the total square footage containing substandard wood and / or small defects. All orders must be made with 5 to 7% more material than is necessary, thus allowing cuts in the installation site.

During the installation, small holes and knots will be found. Use the cut parts to start or end a row.


If recurring defects are found by the installer, or if you think the loss is excessive, stop immediately and contact Akafloor to review your problem before proceeding with the installation. Akafloor will, at its option, send new replacement tiles, credit it with the amount of bad floors to make the correct gradation, or refund the money. DO NOT INSTALL DEFECTIVE FLOORS. Floors that are installed are considered acceptable.


Akafloor is only responsible for defects that exceed 5% in relation to the purchased material and will only refund this amount of material, excluding transport, storage, installation and other costs.

Color and Grain Variation

Wood is a natural material. Not two or three pieces are the same, and not two trees are the same. The same kind of wood may vary depending on the area where it was planted. Akafloor is not responsible for floors that have a very large color variation compared to the displays provided by the dealers.


Color change

All wood floors are slightly oxygen sensitive and, over time, will change color, developing a unique coloration. Many species of wood, like the Jatobá, darken with time. Ipê, on the other hand, is clear. These variations are characteristically natural of hardwood floors.

Terms and conditions

The terms of this warranty begin to apply after the full payment and finalization of the product installation. The use of improper products other than those instructed by Akafloor may damage your floor and affect this warranty. Questions relating to this warranty should be made directly where the product was purchased. If your reseller did not respond to your inquiry, please contact Akafloor.


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